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Renewable Resources

Solutions for renewable resources to oleo-chemicals, refined vegetable oils and starch derivatives

Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions customizes technological solutions for the conversion of renewable resources into bulk chemicals for the energy, food and chemical industries.

Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions – renewable resourcesAccelerating population growth and a general rise in living standards, particularly in developing countries, will steadily increase the global demand for energy, food and chemicals in the decades to come.

To keep in step with the needs of tomorrow’s consumers, agribusiness, energy and chemical sector companies are looking for products produced from renewable resources and having new applications developed for these.

For both experienced and new operators however, working with renewable resources presents its own distinct challenges. These include being able to manage the market’s rapid fluctuations in price and demand, and understanding how to incorporate new technology in ways that can maximize returns.

At Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions, we deliver optimized solutions to our customers for the conversion of renewable resources to bulk chemicals that can be specifically designed for any project implantation. Flexible in scope, we are capable of working with a variety of feedstock. Our technology portfolio includes processes to convert oils and fats to biodiesels and sugar/starch to bioethanol or sorbitol, as well as vegetable oils from oilseeds for the food industry through to fatty acid, fatty alcohol and glycerol products for the chemical industry. Bioliq, a technology for the conversion of unused residual biomass (such as agricultural and forestry residues) into syngas and synthetic fuels, is part of our ongoing effort to further tap renewable resources for a sustainable production of fuel and energy.

Flexible and reliable

Our solutions are optimized to keep your initial capital as well as ongoing operating costs to the strict minimum. As part of our response, we take account of the plant’s value over its lifetime, and evaluate its potential to produce valuable co-products.

Designing customized solutions and offering standardized packages, we save our customers time and money, without comprising safety, while assuring the quality of the end-products.

Furthermore, customers draw assurance based on our proven reliability and experience working with the renewables and oleochemicals technologies.